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Employment and Immigration in France


We offer high-quality, practical and accurate information about French employment & immigration procedures. Whether you are planning to relocate your business to France, or you are an employee posted by a company to work in france, we can help. Contact us today to discuss your relocation needs with our experienced and professional team. URL

Since the end of World War II, France has opened up migration channels to attract skilled laborers from nearby European countries and beyond. In 1998, the Chevenement Law created residence permits designed specifically for artistic and cultural workers (now grouped together under the Passeport Talent permit). It also encouraged the movement of highly skilled workers by loosening rules on obtaining work permits in France.

Temporary Workers vs. Permanent Employees: A Comparison in the French Context

In addition, the use of short contracts in the context of a particular activity has accelerated. In 2020, for example, a CDD contract may be used in the following cases: replacing an employee during parental or paternity leave; responding to a temporary increase in activity; seasonal work; or certain jobs that are by nature not long-term (such as working for a festival or concert).

Moreover, people employed under fixed-term and temporary contracts are less likely than others to receive training during their employment. In this context, the study will explore social identity processes that may influence their attitudinal and behavioural responses. It will particularly focus on the role of ingroup identification, which can have either negative or positive effects on the person–environment fit, depending on its intensity.

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