Day: July 1, 2024

HD Spray Foam InsulationHD Spray Foam Insulation

HD Spray Foam is a thick, closed-cell polyurethane insulation that provides effective air and thermal barrier protection. It’s injected into wall cavities, between studs and other framing elements to create a tight building envelope. Its unique properties prevent air and heat from escaping, which helps homeowners save money on heating and cooling bills.

The Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation with HD Spray Foam

Professional installers use large rigs to mix and apply the foam. The technicians are trained in proper chemical storage and equipment maintenance, which greatly reduces the risk of structural damage or environmental damage during the process. When choosing a contractor, look for SPFA professional certification.

Before spraying, the crew will prep the area by cleaning and ensuring that it’s free from dust, debris and dirt. Then, they’ll run a hose to the attic, crawl space or rim joists in new construction or to walls and uninsulated nooks and crannies in existing homes or pole barns. They’ll then squirt the spray foam, which expands to fill gaps, cracks and holes.

Closed cell foam has the advantage of blocking moisture, which is a contributing factor to mold growth. It also has a lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1 compared to the 3,400-plus GWP of hydrofluorocarbons used in other foam insulators.

Another benefit of spray foam is its ability to block out noise. The foam’s tiny pockets create barriers that make it difficult for sound to travel through walls and ceilings. This means outside noises stay outside and home occupants can relax without being disturbed by neighborhood kids or late-night dinner parties.

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