Day: June 24, 2024

Maxmind Check IPMaxmind Check IP

Maxmind check ip

Maxmind check IP is an add-on that allows you to geolocate customers based on the country they visit your store in. This is determined at the server level without involving web browsers, which allows you to offer content taking the customer’s language and other preferences into account. It also works very quickly, is accurate at the country level, and offers extended data (country, region, city).

This feature is supported by Maxmind and uses the same geolocation technology that is used by Google to determine location. Its free and paid products use a combination of different databases that allow them to be accurate at the continent, country, and city level, and include details such as language, postal code, time zone, and more.

MaxMind IP Checker: A Deep Dive

You need to decide which of the Maxmind databases listed above you wish to enrich your data with and download the corresponding.mmdb file(s). Then you need to setup your enrichment configuration accordingly (see the Snowplow Micro usage guide for detailed information on this). When your local Maxmind database needs updating, you can simply download the latest version and overwrite it in your storage.

The minFraud Network is able to estimate the number of users sharing the same IP address over the past 24 hours. A high user count suggests that this is a high-volume IP, possibly associated with a corporate proxy or carrier-grade NAT.

Some of the data that Maxmind provides is sourced from GeoNames, a premium geonames service. If you find a place name or other data point that is incorrectly mapped, please correct it via GeoNames so that the correction can be included in future Maxmind releases.…