Day: June 12, 2024

Is it Possible to Take the DGT Test in English?Is it Possible to Take the DGT Test in English?

DGT is the General Directorate of Traffic and their goal is to make sure that you have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to operate vehicles with the minimum risk. They do this through a series of exams that you must pass to be issued a licence. This Link:

Frequently Asked Questions About the DGT Test in English

Most people go through a driving school to prepare for the tests (autoescuela) and then they make the request to DGT for an appointment to sit the written test. This office can be in Murcia or Elche and you can find them by searching on google. You will need to pay a fee to DGT to register you and also a small amount on top for the driving school. You then get three ‘chances’ at the written and practical test before having to pay again for another three. You also have to pass a medical examination at a DGT-authorized medical clinic. This costs between EUR30 and EUR60 depending on the clinic and where it is located.

It is possible to take the theory test in English but you must be a foreign resident and have an EEA or EU country nationality to qualify. There are other websites that offer preparation tests in English but they are not endorsed by DGT and you should beware of their question date base and format as they are often out of date.