Day: December 23, 2023

Dental Insurance in VirginiaDental Insurance in Virginia

dental insurance Virginia

The state of dental insurance Virginia offers several dental insurance plans to help families and individuals get the care they need. Some of these plans are DHMOs (Dental Health Maintenance Organization), while others are PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization). Depending on the plan, a DHMO may offer cost savings by only covering treatments from in-network providers; however, a PPO usually offers more choice and flexibility. Both types of dental coverage include deductibles, co-pay, and annual maximum options.

Despite this, many Medicaid enrollees have difficulty accessing dental services. Lillian Hamilton, a tattoo shop manager and 21-year-old Medicaid recipient from Hampton Roads, says she can’t get her wisdom teeth removed because no dentist is willing to take on a patient with Medicaid. She’s had no luck finding an oral surgeon who will treat a patient with the state’s insurance, either. Across the state, there are 1,014 Medicaid and FAMIS enrollees for every dentist participating in Smiles for Children, Gist said.

Smile Secure: Navigating the Benefits of Dental Insurance in Virginia

Dental insurance isn’t required by law, but it’s advisable to purchase it. It can help offset costly procedures and prevent serious dental problems down the road. If you’re not already covered, dental insurance can be purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace or directly through an insurer. Some Veterans enrolled in VA health care can buy private dental insurance through VADIP, but this doesn’t affect their eligibility for free VA care. For those unable to afford dental insurance, there are affordable alternative options like dental discount plans and prepaid dental plans.